Regulatory Compliance

JEI follows both the Federal & State Regulations in its approach to solving environmental issues. The most stringent and therefore the most protective measures are undertaken to assist the client with cost effective, reasonable solutions

Environmental Site Assessments

Audits are often required by the lending institution prior to new purchases of properties. Our ESAs will focus on concerns that may require remediation. JEI has performed hundreds of site assessments assisting property buyers with the assurance that the previous “unknowns” are identified and addressed.
ASTM E 1527-13 guidelines are incorporated into this effort.

Hazardous Materials Surveys

Testing for concerns such as PCBs, Lead-Based Paint, Asbestos Containing Building Materials, Mold, & Silica etc. is critical in determining whether a site may need focused abatement or remediation.

Indoor Air Quality

JEI conducts numerous air quality evaluations in occupied hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities and residences. We look for potential irritants in the workplace or home. Sick buildings and mold may frequently be a factor.


Once hazards are identified, corrective action must be taken to address those concerns which pose a risk to occupants. Remediation by accepted, licensed firms will be verified by JEI through 3rd party confirmation.